Saturday, June 2, 2012



If I had a million dollars (or more), I would invest it immediately. Not in stocks or commodities but ideas. My ideas.

I spend much of the waking day brainstorming solutions to my everyday problems or allowing myself to pursue whimsical fantasies that I feel that others would enjoy as well. Everytime I do so, I wish that I had the financial backing to pursue real life first drafts of these projects and get feedback from users as we together turn ideas and dreams into reality.

While my hope is to ultimately be able to do that, in the mean time I could jot the ideas down digitally and share them with the world via this blog. My goal is to get feedback (good and bad) to help me refine my creative process and challenge me to continue to develop new ideas.

I welcome challengers, collaborators, partners and fellow dreamers. Please leave your feedback and lets turn this blog into our sandbox of ideas and lets hope that one day, one of our ideas can become a reality.

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